Q & A



This is some tipical Quenstions about Eyetre. Please read before your inquiry.

※ There is a individual difference, it does not guarantee the effect of 100%.

Q : アイトレは近視、乱視、老眼に効きますか?

Is Eyetre effective for short-sightedness, astigmatism or age-related conditions?

A : 十分に可能です。



Yes!  Myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia are all caused by a reduction in the ability to focus due to the loosening of the ocular muscles.  Eyetre assists with the alleviation of these conditions by stimulating the stiffened muscles and optic nerves so they can recover to their original condition.

Q : レーシックをやろうか迷っています。

What if I am considering having laser surgery?

A : その前に、まずはアイトレをお試しください!!
アイトレは、レーシック手術よりも 安全かつ安価で、全額返金保証もお付けしております。





First try Eyetre!  Eyetre is non-invasive and cheaper than laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (known as LASIK) surgery and we also provide a money-back guarantee for your first visit.

LASIK does not have a 100% success rate and brings an added risk of permanent damage to your eyesight.  In addition the benefit provided by the surgery can wear off over time.

Eyetre is specially designed to relieve the symptoms of vision fatigue in a safe, non-invasive way.

Q : 視力が0.1未満でも効果はありますか?

A : 効果が出る可能性が極めてあります。

実際に視力0.01の方が1.5に上がったという事例もございます。 また初回全額返金保証もお付けしておりますので、 あなたにリスクは全くありません。 まずは当サロンにお越しいただき、体験してみてください。1回の施術で大なり小なり変化があるのでしたら、続けることでコンタクトや眼鏡を使わずに生活できるようになる可能性があります。



Q : 子供やお年寄りでも大丈夫ですか?

Is Eyetre available to children and elderly people?

A : 問題ありません。

小学生のお子さんからご老人まで 、老若男女体験していただけます。


ただし、妊娠されている方、病気を患われている方、 体調が優れない方は、念のためお控えください。

それでも施術をご希望の場合は、 医師にご相談の上、お越しくださいませ。

Yes. The Eyetre treatment system is available to people of all ages.  We recommend treating children vision fatigue in order to rectify any problems early. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.

Eyetre is not appropriate for pregnant women or anyone feeling unwell, or in general ill-health, etc.

Q : アイトレは1回で何分かかりますか?

How long does an Eyetre session last?

A : 1回の施術は30分です。


Eyetre treatment sessions last for up to 30 minutes.  We also conduct eyesight tests before and after your treatment so the whole appointment will be between 45 minutes to one hour.

Q : もしアイトレを試してみて 効果がなかったら、どうなりますか?

What happens if I don’t notice any change after the Eyetre treatment?

A : 料金はいただきません。



We have full confidence that anyone trying Eyetre for the first time will see an improvement in their vision.  For this reason we offer a money-back guarantee for your first session.  Results have been so impressive that none of our clients have asked for this from us!

Q : 何回施術すれば裸眼になれますか?

How many sessions will it take for me to go without glasses or contact lenses?

A : 個人差があるので、正確に何回とはお伝えできません。



Because individual experience varies greatly we cannot say exactly how many sessions a particular person will require.  Some people have been able to dispense with their glasses/contact lenses after around 6 sessions.  Others have required a dozen or more sessions for this.

Individual in-salon sessions are £75, however an economical 8-session ticket is available for £480 (£60 per session).  Either way Eyetre is a cost-effective alternative to undergoing LASIK surgery or continuing to wear glasses and contact lenses for your whole life.

Q : アイトレをやってドライアイになったりしませんか?

Is there any risk of developing dry eye?

A : なりません。



No.  Unlike laser treatment, Eyetre is a non-invasive system designed to support eyesight recovery by relaxing and loosening the ocular muscles and surrounding tissue using low-frequency vibration.  There is no risk of developing dry eye syndrome or to causing additional irritation to anyone who already suffers from dry eye.

Q : 中途半端に改善して、コンタクトや眼鏡が合わなくなるのが心配です。

Will improving my eyesight mean my glasses or contact lenses are no longer the correct strength?

A : アイトレによりコンタクトや眼鏡を卒業される方も多数いらっしゃいます。





Many people stop wearing glasses or contact lenses completely after undergoing Eyetre treatment.  Because the pre-existing level of vision deterioration varies from person to person some people will not be able to discard glasses/contact lenses immediately.

The greatest improvement in vision is typically experienced after the first few Eyetre treatment sessions.  It is at that stage that you will have a better understanding of what your future eyewear needs will be.  With the improving of your naked eyesight you may gradually start to be able to go without glasses or contact lenses.

The effect of a single course of Eyetre might not be sustained indefinitely but with ongoing treatment your eyesight is very likely to improve to your original eyesight level, so please continue without giving up.