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<Eyetre Now Launched in the UK!>

ヨーロッパで第1号となる、アイトレサロンeyetreUK-Flavour Moonが

2016年6月13日、ロンドンNorth Kensingtonにオープンしました!

Europe’s first Eyetre salon “eyetre UK – Flavour Moon” opened in North Kensington, London on June 13, 2016!




We have a special offer available for an initial treatment session for just £60 – reduced from £75.

If you don’t feel any benefit, we won’t charge you.




We also have a discounted 8-session package available for £480.

In addition, if you take up the package option on the day of your first trial it is ONLY £400!





Please contact info@eyetre.uk with your name, telephone number, email address and three preferred dates/times for your trial appointment.

(Please note that prices are set by our home company in Japan and prices in GBP are subject to change according to fluctuations in the exchange rate.)

【Opening hour】

Tuesday to Saturday ― 10:00-21:00 ( Last booking at 19:30)

Sunday・Monday and Bank holiday - CLOSE

【アイトレとは – What is eyertre?】





Eyetre is a headphone-based machine which focuses on the relaxation of the eyes and mind.  The system is lightweight and easy to handle and the frequency level can be adjusted to your needs.

Eyetre loosens stiff nerves and muscles in the back of the eyes and helps to return lens distortion to their natural state by emitting a special low-frequency wave around the temples.  It relaxes visual fatigue and asthenopia and supports the recovery of eyesight.

【アイトレの方法 – Eyetre Instructions】

1. Applying the gel



Hz Apointを当てるこめかみ近くの部分に、専用ジェルを塗ってください。

Apply the Eyetre gel on the sites around the temple where the Hz A-point will be placed.

2. Fit the headphones


髪の毛がHz Apointに触れないよう、ヘッドフォンをかぶるように装着します。

The headphones are fitted on the head to avoid contact between the hair and the Hz A-point.


3. Adjust the Hz A-point site and frequency level


Hz Apointを目の横からこめかみ付近の気持ち良いと感じる位置に調整します。

You can adjust the location of contact for the Hz A-point around the side of the eyes to the temple to a position that is comfortable for you.


4. Treatment for 15-30 minutes



Select from the course of the three modes of myopia/astigmatism/presbyopia, and relax while listening to your favourite music.


Mechanism of focusing of eyes

Focussing on objects at a distance : The ciliary muscle is expanded to thin the lens

Focussing on objects at close-range : The ciliary muscle is contracted to thicken the lens


A recommendation of Eyetre from physician and medical equipment development specialist Dr Motoaki Saito:

アイトレの動作原理は、より直接的・効果的に、表情筋と外眼筋に作用して筋緊張状態を緩和し、リラックスした状態を作り出して、眼疲労と眼精疲労の症状を和らげることが可能なものとなっています。 私自身も、コンピュータの高精細モニタ上での毎日12時間以上の作業で酷使している目の「眼疲労」と「眼精疲労」に対して、アイトレを使用しての効果を実感しているところです。

株式会社PEZY Computing
齊藤 元章

Today people are spending more and more time reading finely printed text and images on high-definition LCD monitors such as computers and smart phones.  This causes visual fatigue and eyestrain which is only relieved by sleep.

In addition asthenopia may cause similar symptoms and the underlying causes need to be addressed.  There has been a general increase in people suffering from both visual fatigue and asthenopia as well as an overall decline people’s eyesight quality.  All such symptoms can be effectively treated by a heating massage to relax the mimetic muscles around the eyes and extraocular muscles around the eyeball.

The principle of operation of Eyetre is to act on the mimetic and extraocular muscles directly and effectively relieve stress on these muscles.  This relaxation of the eye muscles relieves the symptoms of visual fatigue and asthenopia.  I work with a high definition computer monitor for 12 hours or more every day and have experienced the great benefit of Eyetre on my own visual fatigue and asthenopia.  I recommend Eyetre to relieve the effects on the mimetic and extraocular muscles of modern daily use.

Motoaki SAITO

Physician / Ph.D

President and CEO of PEZY Computing K.K.